Techniques for Dog Obedience Training

Nowadays getting a dog who can guard your property is a very good idea. Naturally, dogs are usually protective and caring, although teaching your dog to be obedient and loyal to you can be a different matter. You may find that training your dog is difficult for you but dog obedience training is fundamental to the welfare of your dog and the happiness of your home.

Make sure that you make training fun, because your furry friend is more likely to learn when it is happy. Keep in mind that every dog is different, some breeds are instinctively good at fetch for example; hunting dog breeds: Airedale Terrier, Basset Hounds and Springer Spaniels naturally have the skill to retrieve and find objects while other breeds aren’t that good at fetch. Choose the lesson you want to teach to your dog based on his or her breed and he training will go much better. Work with the dog’s nature; not against it.

Once your dog has become accustomed to your home he will still be very excitable and will probably enjoy jumping on you, your family members, and visitors when they come home or visit you. He loves you, so naturally as soon as he sees you he will want to play with you. Dog obedience training is important for all members of your family, as your dog will have a clear understanding of good behavior with a sense of purpose and you will have a dog you will be proud off. So what is the best way to train your dog? What is the best type of training for both you and your pet?

Your dog will learn best in short bursts, 10 – 30 minutes a day in your back yard in a place where he will not be distracted but make sure that it is rewarding and fun. If you are trying to train your dog not to do something, you should begin by teaching him a command that is the opposite of his behavior. In this instance the command should be “lie down” or “down” so that he knows what he should be doing rather than what he wants. Your dog obedience training could be started by having your pet sit facing you offer him a treat – allow him to smell it, then lower your hand with the treat to the floor while commanding “lie-down” or “down” in a firm voice. He should follow the treat to the ground and “lie-down”, once he is down give him the treat and reward him with verbal praise too. Repeat this training technique several times until he learns that “lie-down” or “down” is a good behavior and jumping up is bad. To begin with he may play, roll around, look up at you and begin to rise again before he has received his treat. To ensure he learns whatever you want him to learn only reward him when you are happy that he has done what he has been told to do and not before. Giving him a reward for a half learned trick or training session will only confuse him further.

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