How well does your dog hear

Many people believe that dogs have mystical abilities. Dogs are well loved animals but an owner can’t help but be annoyed with a pet that howls and stares into nothing especially on dark nights as this behavior is often associated with superstition beliefs that portends tragic incidents. Dogs are deemed to be one of the animals that have the uncanny ability of predicting death. However, these beliefs are not supported by scientific basis and the dog’s amazing abilities are attributed to the animal’s sensitive senses.

Dog owners would attest to the fact that the sense of smell is the most sensitive sense of the dog and the sense of hearing comes a very close second. These ultra sensitive senses are the reasons why dogs excel in protection work. Dogs can be relied to sound the alarm if an intruder is seen.

The ears of humans and dogs have an almost similar anatomical characteristics but a dog’s hearing ability is far superior to what humans have. Human ears are plastered close to the head while a dog’s ear that has 18 or more muscles allows more mobility. A dog’s ears can be moved easily to pick up sound more efficiently. The ears of a dog is not unlike a satellite dish whose direction can be moved to better capture the sound. This ability to move the ears is a valuable asset of dogs used by law enforcers as the direction of the ears gives a clue to the location of suspects. The hearing sensitivity of a dog remains the same even if the sound is muffled by floppy ears. Floppy eared dogs like bloodhounds have hearing abilities that are superior to what humans have.

You may think that the hearing sensitivity of a dog would have some disadvantages because our canine friends will be flooded with sounds. Loud sounds that are picked up simultaneously will surely be overwhelming to humans. Loud sounds will not trouble dogs as all they have to do is to filter any unwanted sounds. Dogs are great sleepers and so are some people but noise that will disturb the sleep of people would not affect a dog at all.

Dogs have a trick up their sleeves to deal with their very sensitive hearing abilities. Dogs have this effective trick of filtering sounds. Watch how a dog that would sleep through deafening loud noises would instantly wake up once the rustling sound of kibble on the metal feeder is heard. 

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