Keeping a collection is a great hobby. There is a lot of joy to be found in the art of collecting that is unlike any other types of hobbies. There are many different facets to the art of building and keeping a collection. I think the best part is locating the perfect item. If you are really into collecting you may even catalog each piece, photograph it and keep a journal. Displaying or storing the collection and maintaining the collection’s condition are also important parts of collecting to be considered when becoming a hobbyist. A good collector not only has the item but also has some tale about how they got it or what it means to them personally. How a person deals with their collectibles is up to them, there is no right way to do it.
Collection ideas are endless, from inexpensive everyday things to unique and priceless one of a kind items. If you think about it careers and institutions are connected to collecting or collections. Scientists are collectors, museums and libraries are collections. Collecting things can be so much more than a casual hobby for some people. The things that a person chooses to keep must be something that they enjoy for some reason. A good collection spurs a person to want to know more about whatever it is they have found. There are a variety of things that starts a person on this hobby, but the biggest thing is the enjoyment it can bring. For me my decision was to collect frogs. Collecting Frogs – a Fun Hobby for All Ages was something that I read that got me started on my journey and it has continued to be part of my life for many years and is now enjoyed by my whole family.
How did I get started? It was actually my mother’s fault. My parent relocated to a house that was close to the woods. It was kind of like living in a rural area. It was like living in the woods. The number one amphibian that I got was from my mom. She bought it for me on purpose. The most appropriate thing that I could have to decorate my walls with was an amphibian. I never got rid of that amphibian. As I began to decorate my new home I found a large white ceramic planter frog that I made a holder for and hung it proudly in my kitchen. Every time I added something new to my collection I added another tale of how it became part of my collection. Each time I pick up one of my frogs it will stimulate a pleasant thought about its purchase or find or the person who gave it to me and that is the most fun about collectible frogs. I began adding frogs to the home to make it look nicer. I still worry about displaying them in a way that is appropriate and not garish. I don’t want to scare off visitors because they think that my house has been overrun by amphibians and they have taken over the house.
Frog collections are perfect decorations for both your home and your yard, and I can truly say I have an army of frogs and that I am proud to have bookmarked as one of my favorite sites to visit on the internet. I not only collect amphibians, I spend time learning about them. There is more to my frog collection than just what people see around my house. I find it fun to learn about frogs and to pass that information on to others who show interest. People know they can come to me with their questions about amphibian. Not everyone understands my fascination with frogs and they may wonder what I see in them, but I’m okay with that. My collection of amphibians will always be there for me.

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