How to give the dog a massage

Due to the unconditional love, loyalty, affectionate ways and protectiveness a dog shows its family, it is considered as man’s best friend. There is no doubt that dogs have given pet owners invaluable companionship thus a massage is the least an owner can do to pamper the pet. A dog is a social animal that would love to be petted and to receive attention from its master. Dogs too will get the same benefits humans get from massage.

The therapeutic benefits of a dog massage have helped a lot of dogs with various medical conditions. Massage that is aimed to give the dog specific health benefit to manage a serious health concern is best left to the hand of professional massage therapist. Aging dogs weighed down with joint and muscle pains will be given a new leash to healthier life as regular massage improves blood circulation and better functioning of all the systems of the body.

Massage relaxes the muscles and consequently relieves physical and emotional stress. Massage has a calming effect that allows a dog to get through the sounds of thunder or the deafening noise of the 4th of July or New Year festivities. Most importantly massaging the dog would also be a good opportunity to bond better with the pet.

A pet owner should not be daunted with the task of massaging the pet as it can be learned . Bear in mind that the goal of the massage is to give the pet relaxation thus a pet that is not comfortable with being touched must not be forced. Dogs that hate to be petted and touched are mostly mature dogs adopted from animal shelters. To massage a small dog, you simply let the pet lie in your lap. Bigger dogs though would need a firm surface like a padded table, a couch or a cushioned floor. Get the dog accustomed to long slow strokes from the head to the tip of the tail. With light pressure, scratch behind the dog’s ears, rub the chin and cheeks taking extra care to rub the area between the eyes.

Make circular motions with the heel of the hand to massage large dogs. Massage the shoulders and the chest with circular motions using the heel of the hand. Massage technique is a bit different on smaller dogs thus instead of the heel of the hand you can use three fingers. The stroking must follow the direction of hair growth. On the inside of the leg, the stroking should be against the direction of hair growth.

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