Why are dogs eating dirt

Anyone that has wisely chosen to have a dog for a pet would know that these animals are addicting. The outstanding qualities of dogs encourage people to have more than one dog for a pet. Dogs’ loyalty and affection to the human family is what made these animals gain the title of being man’s best friends. After domestication, dogs became the affectionate and loyal pets of man. Even with the long years of association, humans would still be puzzled by some of the habits of these wonderful animals. Pet owners are perplexed by the dog’s dirt eating habit. An interesting question then is; why do dogs eat dirt?

Dog owners must understand the reasons why the pet is eating dirt as this habit can have harmful repercussions on the health of the dog. Parvovirus is a dreaded canine disease because of its high mortality rate. The virus that is shed in the dog’s feces can survive in the soil for months so that a dog that has eaten infected dirt can get this dreaded canine disease.

A dog that has the propensity to eat dirt can have whipworm infestation too. Dogs that have a fondness for eating dirt can die from poisoning if the dirt eaten has poisonous substances. Knowing the reasons why the pet eats dirt is therefore necessary in getting rid of this unwanted behavior.

Dogs have huge appetites and one that is not given sufficient amount of food can eat dirt to satisfy the gnawing of the stomach. However, because dogs are pampered pets, dog owners ensure that the pet would never go hungry. Dirt eating can be due to the dog’s propensity eat anything. This behavior of ingesting rocks, papers, grasses, woods and dirt is known as pica. Pica, similar to other unwanted habits can develop from a behavioral concern. Dogs that are often left with no toys and no one to play with develop unacceptable behaviors. Boredom may motivate the dog to eat dirt.

A diet that is low on nutritional values or a medical concern are factors that can motivate a dog to eat dirt. Eating indiscretion is a reason why the dogs has stomach upsets. Cheap commercial food may be low on mineral and vitamin contents. Dogs though have the ability to “diagnose” and to correct any imbalance in their system. Dog experts believe that by eating dirt the dog can cope with the vitamins and mineral deficiencies. It is necessary to prevent the dog from eating dirt because of its harmful effects. Pet owner’s should not ignore the dog’s dirt eating habit as it can be the pet’s cry for help.

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