It is always an exciting time when you get a new puppy to bring home.  Not only are you and your famly excited but your puppy is excited about the new change also..  This of couse can also be a challenging time for new puppy owners especially when it comes to house training your puppy..  This process is something you will obviously want to complete quickly to help both you and your new puppy adjust quickly to the new environment.  So with this being in mind you will want to quickly put a training plan into play quickly when you get your new puppy home.

For new puppy owners training can seem like a never ending task and at times you will think you are lost on where to start.  However, don’t worry as this is a very pain free process and it is actually enjoyable for many.  You are at a major advantage by having a puppy because they are full of energy to learn new things from you.  I can assure you with the proper dedication you will have a well behaved and trained puppy in no time.

How To Potty Train A Puppy

Potty training your puppy is of couse the number one starting point with training your puppy.  When potty training your new puppy you will have to remain consistent with a schedule or you will not have much success.  When you have your new puppy you will want to make sure you take them out once every 2 to 3 hours to use the bathroom.  At this young stage in life they do not have the bladder control that an adult dog will have.  So make certain you stay on schedule with this training.  When your puppy goes outside and uses the bathroom make sure you tell them they were good and reward them with a treat.  Puppies love attention and of course rewards so they will quickly learn that going outside to use the bathroom will result in positive feedback for them.

Puppy Leash Training

Another popular training subject is leash training your puppy.   A good time to start leash training is when you are taking your puppy outside for potty training.  It is important that you do not allow your puppy to pull the leash as you walk with them.  It is important that your puppy understands you are the alpha leader of the pack.  If you see that your puppy is pulling the leash you need to focus on stopping this behavior.  If you find your puppy is pulling the leash, stop and make them sit.  Do not continue on until you decide it is time to move on.  In short order your puppy will stop pulling the leash and wait for you by walking at a proper pace.

Crate Training Puppies

Puppies actually love to spend time in their crate, so you will find crate training to be a smooth process.  Many people say keeping our puppy in a crate is not good for them.  This is actually not true as a puppy enjoys being in a protective area.  They see their crate as a secure area of their own and they feel comfortable while being in there.  When you begin crate training your puppy you should only keep them in their crate for two or three hours at a time.  Always remember to take them out to go to the bathroom when you remove them from their crate as they will have to use the bathroom.

In closing, as you can see how to train puppies is not as difficult as it may appear.  Feel free to visit our website at to learn more about the various topics on training puppies.

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