Reasons why dogs eat grass?

Dogs are omnivorous – they eat anything therefore it is not surprising if your dog tries to help you with the weeding. Dogs have a rather amusing habit of eating grass. Dogs are known to raid trash cans and eat spoiled food, eat each others poop and drink water from the toilet so an owner has to be thankful that the pet has only formed the habit of eating grass. However, a pet parent that ensures that the pet is given enough nutritious food would be puzzled by the dog’s predilection for grass. What interesting things can Fido see in the lawn enough to make the dog eat the grass?

Dogs have descended from wolves and it is believed that wolves have survived in the wild with grass as a part of their diet. Wolves are generally carnivorous as these wild animals subsist by eating their prey but when prey is not available, wolves would supplement their diet with grass. The inclination to eat grass was associated with the dogs survival in the wild that necessitates eating herbivores. Dogs in the wild would not know when the next meal would be thus the hunted prey as well as the contents of the stomach are totally consumed. Dogs in the wild have eventually developed a fondness for grass as these herbaceous plants have supplemented the dogs’ diet.

With the above mentioned fact, a dog’s inclination to eat grass becomes perplexing to the owners. Loving owners would ensure that the pet has a continuous supply of nutritious foods. And yet, the dog would still be seen eating grass every now and then. In spite of the fact that dogs have the reputation of eating anything, the habit of eating grass was explained by dog experts.

One of the considerations made is the nutrient deficiency of commercially prepared dog foods. Dogs are intelligent animals but their ability to know what is wrong with their diet is uncanny. Dogs are believed to eat grass to fill up the nutrient deficiency in their diet. Dogs are not only voracious eaters; they are indiscriminate eaters as well.

Dogs do not have steel stomachs and when they eat anything that disagrees with their system, our furry friends will have upset stomachs. Grass is a natural cleanser that is used by dogs to deal with an upset stomach. A dog only has to eat grass to purge the toxic substances that were ingested. When a dog munches on grass, the blades of grass will sort of tickle the throat and induce vomiting so that the toxic substances together with the grass will be removed from the stomach. Grass is an effective bowel cleanser that eradicates parasite infestation.

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