Spices Around the World

The spice world is a completely new frontier for those who are interested in serious cooking. Spice and seasoning are very significant when preparing food. They can make a bland unexciting meal come to life and create a flavour explosion. Trade links and good telecommunications facilities today mean that you can find spices from throughout the world in most capital cities giving you a taste of the East right at home. For instance if you are cooking a traditional Thai curry you can use lemongrass, ginger and coriander as well as hot Thai chilli paste. These spices give Indian/Thai/Asian dishes their characteristic colours and flavours.
<br>Spices come from throughout the world. India and Zanzibar are 2 places that are seriously popular sources. Spices like <a href=”http://www.vanillabeansguide.com/bourbon-vanilla-beans/bourbon-vanilla-beans-from-india”>Vanilla Beans</a>, star anise, thyme, rosemary and garlic are used by world renowned gastro chefs in France. Similar In Italy a lot of basil, oregano and thyme is used in cooking dishes. Spices are just not from the Western spice islands. Even places like the Caribbean offer high quality spices. Consider Cayenne and hot chilli powder made from scotch bonnet peppers. If you like your food hot and spicy you should have a look at Cajun based spice mixes. These are so hot that care should be exercised. They are usually made up of array of hot chilli powders with garlic nutmeg and cloves added in for a fuller rounded flavour.
<br>There are a number different varieties of spice available in the world market today. The price of spice varies from 1 dollar per kg through to thousands of dollars per kg. It depends on several factors including supply and demand. The most high-ticket spice in the world is Saffron, known botanically as Crocus Sativus. Created or derived from the plant genus of purple Saffron Crocus it will take a minimum of 100,000 flowers to make 1 kg of Saffron. Just to produce one kg of Saffron is no easy feat. The flowers have to be picked at a specific time of year and by hand to boot. Luckily you don’t need to purchase Saffron by the Kilo. A few strands are enough to flavour and colour any dish in the gourmet pantheon.
<p>Next to Saffron Vanilla which comes from <a href=”http://www.vanillabeansguide.com/”>Madagascar Vanilla Beans</a> is the second most expensive spice on this planet. Pure Vanilla, with its great aromatic flavour, is the most trusted flavouring in pastries, confections, and other desserts. Due to its high price there are several synthetic variants of Vanilla available on the market. Even though this is the case it is very difficult for these productsto approach the high quality and flavour one would get from using real <em>Vanilla Pods</em> or products made from Bourbon Vanilla Beans. Consumers today demand real Vanilla flavour made out of real <a href=”http://www.vanillabeansguide.com/bourbon-vanilla-beans/bourbon-vanilla-beans-from-india”>Bourbon Vanilla Beans</a>. Nobody want to have artificial synthetic chemicals in their food items anymore. Use <em>Vanilla Pods</em> in all your cooking and acquire the best mother nature to offer .

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