Barking can be one of the most troublesome aspects for many dog owners , especially those that reside in apartment complexes or close-knit communities, which is why it is absolutely crucial that one knows how to train your dog to stop barking. There are any number of devices in existence today that are advertised to train your dog to stop barking, but few work, and those that do are not considered human. Following the most basic dog training advice, you will be able to properly train your dog to stop barking.
Shock collars are some of the most popular methods . Before using it on a dog make sure to test it out on yourself first, if you have never tried to use a shock collar before. Being able to train your dog to stop barking should be painless, for both you and your pet. The shock treatment can often create other side effects, such as irritability and a distrust of you that can linger for the rest of your pet’s life with you.

A better way to train your dog to stop barking is …

Yes, there is a better way and something that will give your dog something to work toward and enjoy. This puppy training advice is called positive reinforcement and usually comes in the form of tasty treats. Dogs bark for a number of reasons. One, they want to warn you of a potential threat, such as a stranger in the neighborhood. Two, they bark because their instincts tell them there’s another dog in the area or animal that their genetic code tells them they should chase away. Three, they bark when they are anxious, when they’re alone, or when there is loud noise in the area.

If you want to train your dog to stop barking, then you will need to be prepared with some treats for the moment they start barking according to most dog training advice expects. When they bark, walk over to your dog (often, unless the dog is well trained, they won’t pay attention to a ‘come here’ command when something else has their attention). Look to see what the dog is barking about. Pat him or her on the head to let them know you’re aware of the danger and to thank them for their vigilance, and then command them to stop barking.

Reward them with a treat when they do in fact, stop barking . Take a step or two away and wait for your dog to refrain from barking. Odds are he or she will continue to look out the window for what distracted them in the first place. Gently remind your dog to stop barking and when they remain silent, give him or her another treat.

The more you do this, the more your dog understands the command to ‘stop barking’ and will begin to only bark once or twice if there is a perceived threat. At no point should you hit your dog or drag him or her away from the window or door. Negative reinforcement is never the way to train your dog.

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