So you have decided to buy an insulated dog house. That is a very good decision. Insulated dog houses are necessary tools that helps your dog feel comfortable. Just like you, your dog needs his own space. Dog houses are not new, for the simple reason that they have been in use from the ancient Egyptian time up to now. At that time the houses were made of mud. That in itself was a good form of insulation for the dogs but today ?mud made dog houses? are not used anymore. The good thing about dog houses is that they provide shelter for the dog especially during extreme changes in the weather. When the dog house is insulated your dog can always use it as a refuge when it is too cold or too hot outside.

There are many types of insulated dog houses. so it may get confusion when you want to choose one. This is what this article is all about. We are trying to point out the important factors that you should take into consideration when buying an insulated dog house.

The most important thing is definitely the material the kennel has to be made of. One thing about dog house is that if it is made of the wrong material, it may not play its purpose of insulating the dog from the sometimes harsh conditions of the weather. There are 3 types of materials that are usually used in building insulated dog houses. they are:

* iron
* plastic
* wood

I should go straight away and tell you, never buy an kennel made of iron. Iron just isn?t good at keeping the environment warm. Iron is a material that changes temperature in relation to the environment very quickly so don?t go for dog houses made with iron.

Plastic is known to be a good insulator and a lot of dog owners enjoy using plastic dog house for the simple reason that it is much more affordable, it is also easy to carry around. But that goes with some other weaknesses. The fact is plastic does not protect that much from extreme changes in temperature, like in the winter. It protects to a certain extent but there are better materials out there that will do a better job of protecting your puppy.

Another thing about plastic houses is that over time they end up cracking through the influence of the sun. So you may end up seeing cracks around the kennel. That said, plastic do protect from insects and a lot of dog owners are OK with it.

Wood is known the be the most appropriate material when it comes to protecting your dog from extreme weather temperature. If you are serious about protecting your dog from extreme changes in the weather then you should go for a wood dog house. It should be noted though that ?wood made dog houses? are much more expensive compared to the ones made of plastic or iron but the investment is worth the while as the dog is going to enjoy full protection for a very long time.

Wood dog house in itself may come with some other weaknesses; the major one being:

because it is made of wood, it may be attacked by termites and other wood eating insects. That is why is always advised to go for best quality wood made dog houses. The best quality are known to be cedar wood. Cedar wood dog houses are top quality dog houses, resistant to weather, insects, decay and less prone to mold.

There you have it. the best choice is cedar dog house. That is a little bit more expensive than the other dog houses but trust me, in the long run you will not regret having bought it. Your dog and you are going to enjoy it for a very long, long time. Go for it.

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