Ways to Get Rid of Dog Biting

Puppy biting can be an annoying and somewhat dangerous dog behavior . It may start very innocently . However, especially as your dog becomes bigger and stronger play biting can become a more dangerous affair .

Dog biting can be more serious than you think, especially when your puppy bites at strangers and other people not familiar with his behavior . To learn how to stop a puppy from biting read on.

Stop Biting Games

We first need to stop all games where biting is involved. . Games such as tug of war or others where the object is to retrive an object from your dog’s mouth .

Your dog uses its mouth the way that we use our hands. As a result when he wants something he bites at it to take it from you . This may even include biting at your hand to try to get you to release the object out of your hands.

In biting games such as tug of war your dog will bite your hands in order to win the battle and to get the object from your hands . That is the way that he plays. So stopping the biting games is the first thing to do to help stop dog biting .

Divert Attention

Diverting your dog’s attention is another technique that you can use . When he tries to bite something offer him a toy to chew instead . This lets your dog know that it is okay to bite his chew toy, his ball or whatever other toy that you have given him.

This will make your puppy get used to the idea of playing with the toys instead of biting your hands.
Tap Puppy’s nose

Whenever your puppy bites at your hand you need to let him know that this is not okay. Whenever he does this you can softly tap his nose while firmly declaring “No”.

This lets him know that this behavior is not acceptable . A gentle tap will not harm your dog but will let him know that you are serious . You can even as stated above offer an alternative after doing this. Give him a ball or a chew toy .

Puppy biting can be a major problem with some dogs. Using these techniques should help you get rid of this behavior . Eventually your dog will realize that biting is not something that you will tolerate.

Dog biting is one of the behaviors covered in the Secrets to Dog Training course. Read our review of this dog training course if interested in correcting other dog behaviors .

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