The SportDog SD105 Yard Trainer lets you train your pet dog to behave properly if they are becoming naughty in your house.  Usually, if you dog starts barking unecessary, it usually get on your nerves and get pissed off if your pet dog start biting and chew up your slippers, furniture and other stuff.

The SportDog SD105 Yard Trainer is very easy to use. Even if you are a first timer using dog collars, you will find it easy to setup and ready to use.  The SportDog SD105 Yard Trainer can be used in different ways for a individual dog.  There are 2 options to choose from. One, you can choose from tone with correction. That is for stubborn dog while the other is to use tone only correction. Whatever option you chose, SportDog SD105 Yard Trainer will get your dog back on the right track.

The SportDog SD105’s range is up to a 100 yards. It sports 8 levels of stimulations that one can adjust easily depending on your pet dog behaviour. It is suitable for dogs that weighs over 15 pounds and the collar is water proof too.The SportDog SD105 has a Low Battery Detect feature in both its transmitter and receiver and operates on lithium batteries and it can fit dogs of up to 27 inches and can be trimmed to suit the dog better.

Today, many professional dog trainers use SportDog SD105 to train their dogs. And since SportDog brand is one of the most trusted and effective dog training collars in the market, be sure to buy SportDog SD105 Yard Trainer today.

If you are running a dog training business or simply just want to train your dog to listen to your command, the SportDog SD105 Yard Trainer may well be the best choice in training your dog behaviour.

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