How to shave a dog

A beautiful coat is one of the reason why dogs are admired however, some dog owners would opt to shave the pet. Dogs are commonly shaved to better cope with the heat of the summer months. A dog will be shaved if the owner is concerned with excessive shedding, with hot spots and fungal infection of the skin and finds the need to regularly groom the pet a tedious task. Dogs advanced in age would not appreciate a good brushing thus an owner would choose to shave the dog to lessen the need to groom.

Dog owners would opt to shave the dog for different reasons. Professional groomers charge from $40 to $80 to shave a dog. Shaving the pet would be fun – the dog will not complain and the hair would grow in no time anyways.

If you have decided to shave the dog, the task would be much easier (and kinder on the clipper) if the hair is clean and tangle free. Dirt and dried up feces that clings to the coat will be removed if the dog is bathed. After the dog is bathed and dried, the hair must be brushed thoroughly to remove the tangles. Positioning the dog on a table would be easier on your back but be sure to loosely fasten the head to an overhead support to stop the dog from vaulting. A dog that will be shaved for the first time must be accustomed to the humming and the vibration of the clipper thus before the starting to shave lay the turned on clipper against the body of the dog.

To shave the face and the area between the eyes, use a #10 blade. Carefully shave the hair between the eyes. With careful strokes shave the hair on the face and under the ears. Shave the hair under the ears of long eared breeds.

Move on to the armpit area. Raise the dog‘s leg but be sure that the pet is not uncomfortable. Next is the anal area. Shaving this area is actually necessary for long haired breeds so as to prevent feces from sticking to the hair every time the dog defecates. Change the blade with a longer one and shave the rest of the body. Run the clipper in long slow strokes from the head to the neck and down to the side of the body . Skin on the belly is usually slack thus you need to pull the skin taut. Shave the legs and feet. Congratulate yourself for a job well done.

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