When we picked up our new Goldendoodle pup, I had not set anything up at all. All I had done was buy a crate that was too roomy, set the pickup time with the breeder, and headed out. On the trip home the Goldendoodle pup had pooped in his crate, rolled in it, and I could see he had worms.

Happily, I was able to get the puppy in to see the veterinarian by calling on an old friend, because I had not even set up an appointment. After having the Goldendoodle pup shampooed, dewormed, and gotten him his basic shots, I drove him home to the kids. They were ecstatic!

After getting the puppy home, I realized some issues. We did not have a place for the Goldendoodle pup to sleep, he was starting to chew on everything, and he did not even have a name yet. Even worse, he wanted to escape every time he could.

After a few weeks, things with the Goldendoodle were not going well. The dog had chewed up all sorts of items in the home, was swallowing underwear left on the floor, the housebreaking was going badly, and the obedience training that I was working on was not enough, since I was at work all day. If the children had been older, either my wife or I might have been able to get the training accomplished, but we did not have the ability. Against our better wishes, even though we knew training him ourselves was the best, we sent the Goldendoodle to a two week boot camp.

We missed him when he was away for two weeks. The children kept asking when he was coming back, and my littlest one even cried because she missed him so much. Getting the dog a good thing for our family.

He returned like a new dog! No more chewing on things he was not allowed to, and no running away. He did still eat a couple more sets of underwear, though. We still had to work on the housebreaking, but with some effective odor eradicators we were able to get that under control also. The training was definitely required. If I had had a little more time, or could not afford the boot camp, I would have to have purchased a good obedience training program and gotten it done myself.

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