Because of  all the controversial and new call back of pet foods, is it any wonder that pet owners prefer making their own homemade animal food for their beloved pets in light of all the commercial bad dog food that has been taken off the store shelves because they have feared that it has been contaminated. 

  • What results can bad dog food or in other words contminated dog food do to your dog ?
  • What can you do to keep it from happening?
  • What is all the fuss about that has pet owners so angry ?

As humans we are desuaded from eating too many canned goods for reasons of good health. The same should hold true for dogs and other animals.

Ready prepared dog food, often in gravy or jelly is preserved in tins . and like some human ready made meals contains a number of nasty and harmful ingredients are used to improve colour, flavor and visual aspect.

What is even more distressing, when it comes to animal food, is the fact that animal by-products, the largest ingredient in bad dog food, has already been contaminated with chemicals long before it arrives at the processing plant . This means that food information on the cans can often be missleading deceptive ambiguous to the ‘No Preservatives’ assurance .

crunchy dog food is even worse as it doesn’t have the tinning preserving process to go through with.  Therefore more artificial chemicals have to be used to extend the shelf life of dry dog food.

Another problem comes from the quality of items used themselves, usually meat, domestic fowl, and grains . These contents have all been assessed as ‘not fit for human consumption’.  They are made up of the organs , blood, and bones and these make up the by-products that are grounded and blended into what we know as ‘commercial pet food’. In reality, they are really bad dog food in disguse .

The whole point is that it is not always slaughtered animals that make their way into pet food, but often, unhealthy meat from farm animals are included. And bacteria, like Salmonella and E coli, that have been flourishing in these meats do not always die during the method of preserving .  Let alone the fact that this method kills most of the original nutritional ingredients .

Furthermore, when artificial , affected additives and moldy wheat is added into the mixture, the numbers of which are too many to total ,  then you are left with poisonous doggie cocktail. It doesn’t take a simpleton to understand that this spells disaster for your family friend .

Below are some of the symptoms that can be assoiciated with bad dog food:

Vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.  More dangerous poisons , like butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), ethoxyquin and cf1 butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) that are believed as OK in piddling doses are carcinogenic and can cause organ failure, and ultimately, death when swallowed daily after some time.

So what processes can you implement about all this? insist for safer quality food from pet food creators , change to organic, natural , less commercially well known brand names or for the best dog tips, even better still , make your own homemade animal food. At least then, you will know what’s gone into what your lovely friend is gulping down .

If you have any concerns about the meals you’re feeding your pet talk with your vet about it.

Don’t be satisfied with giving your dog bad dog food that is full of dangerous chemicals .

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  1. 1 Ken
    2010 Sep 09

    I agree 100%! After doing my own research I discovered vet Dr. Jane Bicks who formulated her own pet food and now drop ships all over the USA to concerned pet owners.

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