Amazing! Increasingly more folks are sincerely genuine about giving their dog just natural homemade dog food! — this is obvious to us since Jaime and I have been swamped with people asking for a free recipe book!

Hi there.  By way of introduction, I am Beth McKittrin, and my partner and husband, Jaime, and I have, for some time, written a site on natural homemade dog food.

Please, before you imagine that we are some form of “animal rights whackos” take a second to hear why we believe the way we do.

We had our last dog for over eight years  Just like any dog you have for that long a period, our family sincerely loved him. He was a beloved family member.

The day when he went into cardiac arrest, we hurriedly drove him to the animal clinic simply to
find out that his stomach was crammed with tumors.  

Upon a discussion with the doctor, she believed the tumors may have very well been caused by the commercial dog food he was eating.  You can find out the details on our site: Natural Homemade Dog  

Here’s the truth, most commercial dog foods have a large per centage of dangerous chemicals.

When we made the discovery that it’s not just much better for our dog now to be restricted to only food we cook for her, but it’s definitely much cheaper!

Obviously. we started saving recipes.  And we wanted to share with all of our friends a recipe book with plenty of natural recipes for healthful, natural homemade dog food.

Free Recipes for Natural Homemade Dog Food

Sorry to say we haven’t fully completed our own book.  However, we know about another work that was lovingly prepared by a good friend of ours, Mike Mullins.

Mike is also a dog lover and said we could offer it to you on our blog.

And, because Mike is such a dog lover, he told us we could give it to you without cost!

How about a few “Attaboys!” for our best friend, Mike!

Accordingly that is precisely what we have determined to do!

You can go and get your copy of “Pamper Your Dog – 130 Recipes for Your Canine Friend” right now….with just this simple condition.

For some time the two of us have been trying to work on a newsletter.  For the time being it will start as email list that we can use to send you great information concerning your pet’s health, training, well being, and any great news related items that will affect your pet.

We feel confident everyone who visits our site will love to join our newsletter!

That’s about the time Jaime formed the genius idea of making the recipe book available when you join the list.

He compared it to killing 2 birds with one stone (Ouch!  That’s a terrible analogy for a blog for animal lovers!)

Now you know how we have this thing set up. Visit our site and simply fill in your name and email address to join our list.  

You will then instantly be sent a confirmation request you can download this great free natural recipe book that includes 130 natural homemade dog food recipes and other goodies for Fido!

I hope you go and get your free natural homemade dog food recipe book today!

By the way, we have had thousands join our list, and we have NEVER given a sole e-mail address to anyone!  They are kept completely Confidential!  That is our word to you.

Bear in mind, when you cook your natural homemade dog food recipes, keep your kids involved.

They will love the idea of working to keep their pet healthy and you will find you are drawn closer together as a family.

Do not forget — it’s their dog!

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