Dog Training Advice & 7 Things You Really need to Know Before You Get started in Training Your Dog

Before you begin to train you dog, there are some things that you should be aware of. These are guidelines that you can consider as dog training advice. The first thing is keeping a good attitude. Showing your pet that he is doing well when he follows you command is extremely important. When a pet receives encouragement, he knows that he has behaved correctly and that if he does more of the same, he will get a reward. This can be in form of treats or verbal encouragement.

The next thing to consider is the tone you use. Commands are a necessary part of the training process but you should use a happy, friendly voice. At the same time, make sure you use a tone that is serious so you dog understands that he should listen. The results you are looking for can’t be achieved by yelling. Don’t ever show your pet that you’re frustrated or angry, even if the training isn’t going how you want it to.

Another crucial tip to keep in mind is that training should be started at the right time; not to early and not too late. If you start training too soon, it will be a total waste of time. When your dog is 6 to 8 weeks old, that is usually the right time for you to begin training. Of course, the appropriate time to start may differ based on your dog’s personality. Some puppies are very active at an early age.

Remember that although early training is most effective, it is never too late to train your dog new things. It can be a bit more difficult, but still possible. Never rub your pet’s nose in his past mistakes; focus on the positive. Be firm but kind so that your dog learns to obey you rather than fear you.

In order to build up a healthy relationship, make sure that you are following good dog training advice.

When training your dog, you should be very patient. Some lessons are going to take longer for him to learn than others, so don’t expect the training to be over quickly. Your pet can pick up on your emotions and if you are frustrated, he will resist the training. Training a dog is similar to teaching a child to take the first few steps. He might fail the first few times but with every failure he will learn something new . The fifth piece of advice is to keep the lessons short. The concentration span of a dog is not long so you will need to train for a little while and then let your pet relax. Concentrate on using a single command in every session to stay clear of confusing your dog. Always give your dog a reward at the end of each lesson. Then before long you can have two to three commands per session. After some training you need to play with your dog to build a good relationship. Change your tone of voice so that he can understand it is time to relax. The sixth piece of dog training advice is to avoid any having anything that could distract your dog while you are teaching him. Dogs can easily be distracted so you should use a secluded place that is quiet.

The last tip is making the training process fun. Training will solidify the bond between you and your pet, so make sure that you do this right. To find additional information on how to train a dog take a look at If you take the dog training advice into consideration, you will have a much better chance at succeeding in your training efforts.

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