All dogs are known to bark, to dig, to roll in mud, to scratch and to chew. Dogs are one of the most loved pets. It would not be surprising given the significant influence these animals made on the quality of humans lives. However, it cannot be denied that some of the unwanted behaviors of the pet would make an owner want to leave the pet to a rescue center. A dog’s chewing habit that has become destructive would naturally be a cause for concern. A pet owner that needs to replace the things destroyed by the dog would certainly be annoyed by the pet’s excessive chewing habit.

Chewing is innate in dogs. Puppies at the age of three months would be noticed trying the strength of their gums and teeth . Puppies, unlike humans, have no hands thus the mouth and the teeth are used to investigate their environment . These lovable fur balls are forever curious and gnawing at things is their way of learning about the environment . Teething pains entices puppies to chew more. Babies are usually given teethers to ease teething pains and to strengthen the gums. Puppies would manage their own teething pains by gnawing the brand new rug or the leg of antique furniture. Destructive chewing can have other consequences. A life threatening blockage can be an outcome of the dog’s indiscriminate chewing habit. The chewing habit of puppies can be managed as it would be an easy matter to confine a small dog and provide it with harmless chew toys. The excessive chewing habit is noticed to gradually decrease as the puppy matures.

What concerns most owners is when a well behaved mature dog suddenly grow into an indiscriminate and excessively chewing pet. There has to be an underlying reason for the dog’s destructive behavior. Boredom, loneliness, inactivity are the most common causes of destructive chewing. Finding out what makes your dog chew is only the beginning. You must also know what to do when it chews. A dog is a social animal. A cat would be contented to laze on the window sill all day but not a dog. It is necessary for a dog to have someone to interact with. As you would expect, dogs would not know the value of things. A dog pining for its master would be enticed by the shoe that has the master’s scent. A dog has to have outlets for the pent up energies. Confining the dog inside the home without toys or playmates would not be a good idea as the pet would find its own source of enjoyment.

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