We all love our dogs.  They are a part of our family and we want them to be safe and happy.  But , if you’ve an aggressive dog then you know that things aren’t well with your four leg member of the family.  An aggressive dog is hazardous to you, other dogs, and people and this may be very frightful.  You may have attempted different strategies to control this aggression to find yourself keeping your dog away from other folks, other dogs, and circumstances where he may be aggressive.  While this could stop an attack, it does make for a sad dog and an unhappy dog owner.  To fix that problem, it needs a real all-inclusive approach to cure your dog of aggression.  

Some dogs are aggressive against people; some are assertive against other dogs.  If your dog is assertive by barking, snapping, and behaving in a menacing demeanor to buddies, folks walking by the house or that you go by on a walk than you know that something has to switch.  

Your dog’s health is the very first thing to look into when exhibiting signs of aggression.  A trip to the vet will rule out a likely health problem.  A sick dog or a dog that is in pain is much more likely to show signs of aggression to protect it from harm.  

After ruling out potential health issues, it’s time to begin to train your dog.  It is important that you are the dominant one in your relationship with the dog and that your dog looks to you for decisions.  This takes much practice.  Many use treats or some type of other reward to coach the dog to focus on you and that behaving in a way that you expect is what brings positive re-strengthening.  

A dog exhibiting dominance is a common source of aggression towards other dogs.  Again, a good way to correct that problem is to coach your dog to focus on you for direction.  This is going to be done in a safe environment for the dog where he will feel at ease.  In this training, you target your dog to concentrate on you.  The dog follows your direction and is rewarded when your dog behaves correctly.  When your dog focuses on you, give it a reward.  Soon, you can try walking past another dog and use this technique.  If your dog starts to show aggression, use your focus command and with enough training, your dog will concentrate on you, and not the other dog.

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