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You love your dog, you love actively playing with him, spending time with him, taking him for walks, but there is simply 1 issue, your dog won’t stop biting! Most dog owners face this difficulty at some point or another, but just as with anything, it’s crucial to understand the reason behind why your dog is biting if you wish to truly stop it happening in the near future, nevertheless, one point that is important to comprehend is that biting is a typical behaviour for puppies as they are extremely sense-orientated animals and prefer to explore things not only through their eyes, but also their mouths, nonetheless sometimes they don’t know their own power or the sharpness of their teeth. Below we will discover just a couple of the reasons why this may be occurring and how to stop your dog from biting.

To stop your dog biting, it is important to start to teach your dog that it is unacceptable from as a young age as you can, the earlier you teach him, the less likely he is to continue. Finger nipping may appear to be like harmless fun, however , it could grow into a serious behavior condition as your dog grows, try to stop this quickly. If your puppy bites you, be sure to make a obvious and exaggerated cry, or shout ‘ouch’, your dog will comprehend this as whenever puppies play together, they typically do the same when one of them has been wounded. For more effectiveness, make use of the ‘Yelp and Shun’ method, after he bites you, let out a loud yelp and after that instantly turn your back on him and refrain from giving any attention for a couple of minutes, he’ll understand and rectify his behavior
A very common motive for dogs and puppies to bite is out of fear, if they are in a circumstance or surroundings that are new to them, they may feel a bit anxious, if you feel this may possibly be the cause of your dogs behaviour, then it may be best to expose him to new environments slowly so that he has time to get used to it, additionally try and ensure that your tone of voice is calm and relaxed whist doing so, you’d be shocked how much of a difference that could possibly make. If you notice a turn for the better in your dogs behavior then compensate him, he will be pleased to be appreciated and will bear it in mind. Try not to shout or punish him while he is afraid, this will only make it a whole lot worse and won’t help you stop dog from biting.
If your dog is likely to bite through play, it might be down to over excitement, if this is the case then I’d advise you to have smaller playing periods to qqqguarantee he doesn’t get over-excited, additionally avoid contact games such as wrestling or tug of war. If you were playing fetch, then teach your dog to drop the ball or stick on the floor before you throw it again instead of taking it from his mouth
When seeking to stop your dog biting it’s essential to bear in mind that you shouldn’t ever, in any situation hit your dog back, he will only fear you after or his behaviour may take a turn for the worse, don’t forget your dog isn’t biting you to be vicious.

Hope this aids you to stop dog biting, thanks for reading

by Ruchi Vasishta

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