Why do dogs bury bones

Barking, chewing and burying bones are only some of the natural behaviors of dogs. Dogs have always been depicted as bone burying animals in cartoons, in movies and in children’s books. Dog owners would know about the dog’s puzzling habit.

A dog that has a bone on its mouth will have a sneaky look while looking for a the best spot to hide the bone. The instant the best hiding place is found, the dog will dig madly and bury the bones. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years but are dog owners aware of the reasons why the pets bury bones What encourages a dog to bury bones? Burying bones is an instinctive behavior thus dog experts believe that man’s best friends don’t really know the reasons why they have this habit.

It is believed that the habit of burying bones, similar to other canine behaviors is an instinctual nature that have survived in spite of domestication. The habit of burying bones is as old as the dog’s history. Although dogs became man’s best friend only for thousands of years; these animals have existed for over a million years. Burying bones have been a very useful habit for primitive dogs that need to survive the harsh life in the wild. The ancestors of modern day dogs have had difficult lives. The ancestors of modern day dogs not only have to avoid predators but also other animals that would want to have a shot at the dog’s hunted prey.

Stocking the pantry is a habit of humans. Squirrels fill their nest in tree hollows with acorns and nuts. In preparation for the rainy days, ants would fill their anthills with food. Dogs are hoarders too. In the wild, food is hard to come by. Dogs would have to bury the food so that it cannot be discovered by other animals. The buried food will be unearthed when food is scarce. The dog will unerringly find the buried prey although it is possible that what will remain are the marrow-rich bones.

Dogs nowadays don’t go hungry. Pampered pets don’t have to bury bones for the rainy days but the instinct to hoard remains. This is why dogs will still bury bones. Dog owners would just be surprised to find treats and bits of food hidden on the dog’s bed. Because digging and burying bones and other food is instinctive in dogs, pet owners just have to take in stride the inclination of the pet to rearrange the garden to bury its “treasures”.

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