Caring for your Chihuahua

Owning a chihuahua & providing care to your pet can be fun and can benefit the quality of your pets life.  With a little knowledge , basic chihuahua care isn’t difficult to to do to keep healthy .

The American Kennel Club recognizes Chihuahuas as the smallest dog breed . Their small size requires extra care when bathing . Ensure they are completely dry after bathing as they have a body mass that is rather petite that can’t keep their body heat when wet . Bundling them up in a dry towel afterward will help your dog!

After bathing  your dog, it’s a good time for toe nails to be trimmed . An effective way to clip your Chihuahuas toe nails is with using guillotine clipper types , obtainable at most pet stores In case you happen to trim too far, a bottle of Kwik stop is a good item to have on hand, if you’ve nipped the quick. The quick is the part of the dog’s toenail where there is blood line supply . When the quick is cut, bleeding will occur.  By applying directly  the Quick Stop powder, it can help to stop the bleeding quicker.

Before you bring home your new pet chihuahua, it’s best to keep safety in mind and pet proof. . Starting by surveying your home, the garage & your yard.  Look and inspect for anything that  you might think would  be a danger to your pet. Wrap electrical cords and hide them out of harms way. Cleaners & chemicals stored in a closed cabinet. Keep in mind that certain plants  are toxic to dogs and to locate and keep out of reach to your dog.  Chihuahuas are really curious exploring animals that delight exploring their environment!  Best to be proactive and  pet proof your home.

Establish a monthly routine where you give your pet a little physical exam . It’s a good idea to be in the habit of looking for changes and learn more about your dog. Examine the ears, eyes & nose , and their mouth for any signs of redness or drainage. As this  could be a sign of potential infection. Examine all over their body, by track your hands checking for lumps, bumps or masses..

It’s always good to take caution and supply attentive care to your pet Chihuahua  They may very will be one of the oldest breeds of dogs, however  they indeed are a delicate breed.

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