Downtown Animal Care Center is a low cost animal care center that provides full medical, surgical, and dental care for both old and young animals residing in the Denver, CO region.

Downtown Animal Care Center offers several treatments for its pets. Its dental offerings include teeth cleaning and polishing, as well as extractions and other necessary oral surgeries. The clinic concentrates its dental offerings not only on preventing your pet’s stinky bad breath but also on restraining tooth decay or loss and metabolic disease (i.e., kidney and liver problems). In addition to providing oral services for animals in the Denver area, Downtown Animal Care Center also offers surgical care for its furry friends.  In this respect, the clinic works in concert with Dr. Ed Umlauf.  Dr. Umlauf performs an assortment of services, including ACL repair and the completion of other orthopedic operations (such as on fractures and luxating patellae) to customers of Downtown Animal Care Center.

As a Denver animal care clinic that supplies extensive veterinary care for its patrons, Downtown Animal Care Center knows the great worth of protective care in retaining your pet’s health. Indeed, the clinic has made precautionary care the goal of the bulk of its exploits, in order to help your pet live a long and healthy life. Downtown Animal Care Center’s vaccination clinic is evidence of its commitment to preventative care. Indeed, every Sunday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Downtown Animal Care Center supplies vaccinations for your best friend. The office seeks to supply all of its patrons with the vaccinations required for maintaining their life-long good health. Along with offering vaccinations, the organization also offers heartworm testing and prevention, feline leukemia/AIDS testing, nail trims, and microchips during its low cost Sunday clinic.

Finally, Downtown Animal Care Center is your devoted Denver Spay and Neuter resource. The organization supplies spay and neuter services for felines, dogs, and rabbits.

With its extensive service offerings and commitment to mindful, excellent healthcare, Downtown Animal Care Center is definitely your best choice for an animal care center located in the Denver, CO area.

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