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It can be quite difficult training your chihuahua obedience at times. Lots of chihuahuas wont listen to you because they can be very stubbon. But before you take your dog to obedience class`s at your nearest training school, think again. Quite often these will be crowded with huge dog breeds and incopatent trainers, and chihuahuas are so little it can be quite a risk. So, there are now alot more people finding out ways of teaching chihuahua obedience at home.

Training Should start the minute you get your chihuahua home, this will quicken the proccess and help him get house trained. Don`t worry if you haven`t yet although, there are a lot of ways to help you house train your chihuahua. Get your chihuahua and take him open air to the place where he has been before. He will want to pee there again when he recognizes the smell. When it`s time for bed you can put your dog in a crate thats not too big and has a bed in it. For little dogs like chihuahuas, crate training is very good. There is less chance of a dog peeing on their own bed if they`re going to have to sleep in it. And as soon as you get up in the morning take your chihuahua outside to toilet.

If you are perticularly naive it can be quite dull to teach your dog even basic commands like sit and lay down. Always have with you lots of delicious tit-bits and only give your dog treats when they do whatever it is you want them to. All dogs respond well to treats and a well timed kudos. Teach your chihuahua to associate certain words with actions. The more simple the word the faster your chihuahua will pick up on them. If they don`t get it right away you can give the command than posision the dog into the position, then praise and reward. Don`t ever penalise your dog when you are training, chihuahuas espesialy don`t respond well to shouting and telling off.

Make your training sessions last for a set amount of time each day and make sure you keep tham at near 15-20 minutes. Chihuahuas can get banal quite quickly and will need lots of rest.

Train your chihuahua in an area without any distractions. Turn off any electrical equipment and keep away from other dogs or people. He wont be able to focus on the training if he gets distracted.

Lots of chihuahuas like to bark and howl at people when they knock at the door. To get your dog to stop, you need to make  a loud noise or shout when they start to bark. Your chihuahua wont like this noise but it will let him know its unacceptable.

Your chihuahua will learn (if granted the right chihuahua obedience training), just be patient and don`t get frustrated. Sometimes you will have a fast learner and sometimes you may not. Chihuahuas are notorious for having such unique personalities. Just conceive, training should be fun for both the chihuahua and the owner!

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