How to name your dog

Equally exciting to having a new dog is the task of choosing a suitable name for the pet. The family members, especially the children will be excited with the process of naming the new dog. There are plenty of possible names for the dog to choose from. A whole range of available names for your new pet will be made available simply by logging on to pet name websites. In spite of the unlimited choices, picking a name for the dog can be challenging as some factors have to be considered. How do you choose the perfect dog name?

The name of the dog is actually a reflection of the owner’s personality. A dog with an outlandish and unique name reflects the wacky personality of the owner while conventional names such as Rover, Fido or Spot are the most common choices of owners with a staid personality. A person with an odd sense of humor will name a large dog breed Tiny or call a black coated dog Snow White. However, the name you choose will stick as long as the pet lives. As you will call the dog’s name about 35,000 times, consider how other people will react every time you call the pet Pooper or Stinky?

There are no hard and fast rules that must be observed in naming the dog but there are guidelines that can be followed. Although a unique name would look good in the registration form, it would not be a suitable choice if it cannot be properly pronounced by the family. Moreover, a long and hard to pronounce name would confuse the dog. The dog can easily remember a name composed of one or two syllable. When the dog hears the name, it has to understand that you are communicating with him.

A healthy dog may be given the name Fit. A dog undergoing obedience training will be confused if the command sit is given as it sounds like its name Fit. Dogs are intelligent animals but their capacity to understand humans is limited. Instead of following the sit command the dog may approach the master.

Dogs will remain loyal and affectionate even if the master never bothered to give them a proper name. However, if we name our cars and other inanimate objects wouldn’t it be justified to give the loyal friend a suitable name?

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