A dog and a chair.

This blog happens to be entirely un-serious. I just wanted to share a hysterical   situation  that I witnessed  the other day with the blogging world. So, I was sitting at starbucks doing a little  photo-editing (not an unusual   place  to discover  me). There is a man waiting in line who all of the sudden screams  out something that I will not   type  here and jets  out the door. I look outside  the window and observe a dog tied to a chair that has started circling  around the parking lot. It appeared  that the dog thought the chair was chasing him, and he proceeded to run straight toward the highway. The man, whom  I assume to be proprietor of the dog, ran like a mad  man after this dog. The dog made   an additional  lap of the parking lot, the chair gets caught  on a table, and now the dog is pulling  a table and chair towards the highway. (How does that even happen?) In one last attempt to spare the dog from running out to potentially get runover by a car, the man leaps  toward the dog, over the table and chair, and lands right on top of him. In the midst of the craziness, the dog ran past a car and had scratched it. I saw the dog owner surveying the damage and wondered who’s car was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who expects to worry about their car getting scratched by a dog dragging a table and chair anyhow Luckily, I’m pretty sure that the car was his. The whole experience was rather suspensful while it was happening, but looking back, it was a pretty humerous situation. Moral of the story: If you tie your dog up to a chair/table outside, make sure that it is heavier than what your dog can drag.

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-Jenn, the Cortiers blogger


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