Most people recognize that dog obedience is a good thing, but did you know that attending puppy training classes is good for your dog? This means that it’s not just the training, but the socializing that helps your dog take care of himself well in the world.

Here are a few good reasons that going to puppy training classes helps your dog.

For starters the distractions that are normal in a class of dogs and owners will help your dog focus better. That way when you are out of the class format and in a more public area, your dog will be used to the distractions and will listen better to you.

Another good reason that puppy training classes are good for your puppy is that they give your puppy a chance to socialize with other puppies and people. This is really good for their emotional development because is makes them less fearful of people when they get out in public places.

A third reason to attend a class with other participants is so that in addition to getting the benefit of being around other puppies, you can get help from the instructor in case you run into problems. Dog obedience trainers are trained in a variety of behavior issues so you could find it truly worthwhile to get input from the trainer if your dog is having some behavior problems.

As well as the dog training classes, it is required that you will work on training your dog outside of the classroom. There will be no way for the dog to remember what he has learned from week to week if you’re not training with him during the week. Try to work with him on a daily basis, however don’t over do it.

One sure sign that a dog is being over trained is that they will behave as if they have forgotten everything. If this happens, just back off and give him a break for two to three days and then gradually start getting back into a training regimen.

In addition to training, your puppy could actually make some friends in the class. It’s a lot of enjoyment for dogs to play with other puppies so if your dog makes a buddy, determine if it will be possible to get together with his new buddy to make “play times.”

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