Getting a puppy is not a decision to be taken lightly, looking after a dog is a commitment of 10+ years and you need to make sure you are ready for that. Plus you should make sure you have thought through and purchased everything you need ready for when you get the puppy home, or you could end up in a right mess.

Probably the easiest thing to buy is food, they are going to need an awful lot of food and nutrients to mature into an adult, so make sure you gets lots of it ready. There are actually different types of food you can buy which are aimed specifically at puppies and say they contain the right nutrients to help them grow to be big and healthy, but I am not sure if they are any better than normal food or not.

You’ll also need some toys. You might not think they are important, but after a few hours you are going to be looking for a way to distract your hyperactive puppy so that you can get some peace and quiet! Get some toys that roll so your puppy will chase them and pounce on them, that will keep them active, and get some for them to chew on so they can get that out of their system on a toy rather than on your furniture!

Talking about chewing then you need to get a bed for your puppy as it will be doing a lot of sleeping too, and the bed is a common target for dogs to chew. If you want to avoid them wrecking their bed then you need something like an indestructible dog bed which is a super tough bed that either had a metal frame they can’t chew on, or is made of tough plastic that won’t rip apart. Or a more permanent solution is to get them trained out of the habit.

You will also need some grooming supplies to help keep them fit and healthy, like a dog brush and maybe a tooth brush for them too (brushing regularly will help their breath as well as keep their teeth healthy). Plus a book on puppy and adult dog care would be a great investment if you are new to dog ownership, so you can have some guidance on what you need to do and when.

The most important thing though is to seek out a vet ready in case you have any problems with your dog, and so you can arrange to have any jabs given if they are needed. So once you have had the puppy a few days then take it along and get it checked out and get some advice on any health problems that particular breed might be susceptible to.

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