You Reap What you sow.

There is a tendency in our lives to politically respond to a lot of things  Many people are of the notion that criminals transgress due to an unhappy home life or a poor upbringing. Comfort and discomfort are a major part of the influence that affects a person’s life, whether you are of the opinion that some people are “just bad” or otherwise. It’s really only common sense to believe that dogs will likely react to their treatment, and it is well-known that a more content dog will behave in a more respectfulfashion.

You would probably get results by using fear and cruelty when training your animal. However, these results may not be satisfactory to you because although the dog will react to commands, it will do so tentatively, conscious as it is of the fact that getting it wrong will lead to punishment. If a dog is trained in a happy atmosphere with an owner who is prone to reward good behavior,then it will react to the correct stimuli in the proper manner  It will behave in a way which makes you feel proud, rather than simply satisfied.

If you have concerns about being too “soft” with your dog, simply remember that a dog will react in kind to the way it is treated. If you let it be lazy, then it will take the opportunity – simply because that is what it knows.   If you encourage activity, however, it will reward you with the behavior that you want from it.

So if You want your dog in the zone and your dog or puppy to react favourably to your commands, rewards method is the way to go, rather than by fear.  Remember: You Reap What You Sow.  Happy Days

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