Good business coaching can save you time and money.  As you might have learned at college, procrastination is the thief of time.  Our inclination  to put things off until a later time, to avoid doing things that should be done is a more common disease than the flu.

And yet, how productive and rewarding our lives could be if we conquered this mental malady. How much less  stress would we carry if we did not allow ourselves to be emotionally and mentally weighed down  with unfinished tasks hanging over us.

 People cite a number of causes for  procrastinating from negative self talk, “I can’t do this right ,” to being unclear about the task or not seeing the relevance of the task, to finding the task boring – especially true with repetitive tasks, to poor time management.

 Regsardless of the excuse or reason, procrastination is a mental thing and with the right motivation we can learn to rise to the occasion “mentally,” and get it done. Boring and repetitive tasks are often the most difficult to find motivation for.

In the corporate world, procrastination is one of the biggest profit drains.  With procrastinators, the coffee pot, the water fountain, the smoking – they all arrest inertia. And yet, just creating movement is quite often all that is needed to change the inertia.  Motion encourages more motion. 

 It’s not just employees who suffer from procrastiantion.  Business owners can be among the worst of them – especially when things aren’t going well.  To fix procrastination in the workplace, the  perfect place to start  is with the owner or manager of the business.  You can’t expect your team to show a quality that you won’t or can’t demonstrate yourself.

If you find that you repeatedly have difficulty motivating yourself to start and complete tasks on a personal level, or if you own a business and you have employees who have difficulty reaching deadlines,  it might be a worthwhile idea to secure the services of a  business mentor who is adept at teaching people to overcome procrastination. Business owners and employees both enjoy the workplace much more when they have learned to self start and overcome procrastination.

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