Licking is one of inherent behaviors of dogs. Dogs cannot talk but they have an effective way of showing their affection to people they like. Dogs lick to communicate with humans and with other dogs as well. A mother dog licks the puppies clean. Mother dogs would lick the puppies not only to show affection but to stimulate defecation and urination.

Dog owners are often perplexed at the habit of the pet to lick the anal area. Dogs that lick their butts have other reasons as certainly this habit is not done to show affection. A dog with the body all contorted to be able to reach and to lick the rear end would be amusing to watch. But this is for certain, an owner will not be happy if the pet that has been licking its anal area would give him sloppy kisses.

A mother dog will lick the puppy after it has urinated or defecated. Butt licking can be an ingrained habit that was learned by the dog from its mother. The long raspy tongue can be the dog’s very own wash cloth. Humans shake hands – dogs sniff each other’s butts. The butt licking behavior can be the dog’s way of ensuring that the rear end is free from dried feces and from the smell of the feces as well. The dog’s inclination to love obnoxious things is one of the turn offs for these animals. Dog owners would always complain about the dogs habit of eating feces and rolling in smelly objects. The butt licking habit is a part of the dog’s predilection for smelly things we humans find repulsive

Butt licking can be due the dog’s effort to remove a foreign object. Plastics, cloth and other non-edible objects will be ingested because dogs are indiscriminate eaters. The plastic, the cloth and other indigestible objects eaten by the dog will come out in the same form. The dog will be seen licking its butt to remove object dangling from its anus.

The pain and uncomfortable feeling associated with an impacted anal gland will make a dog lick its butt. Normally, the anal glands will be emptied when the dog defecates but because of low quality commercial food, soft stools are formed and results to the impaction of the anal glands. Bacteria will build up if the anal glands are impacted. The dog will suffer pain and discomfort if the anal glands are impacted. A dog with an impacted anal gland will scoot and lick the anal area in an effort to ease the pain and discomfort.

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