Dog owners have a lot of “must do” to ensure the well being of the pet. All dog owners must know how to give the dog a pill as dogs, like humans, get sick. Administering oral medications to sick dogs would not be too burdensome as the task will be over when the dog gets well. Dogs need vitamins and supplement too thus an owner not armed with easy pilling techniques has to wrestle with the dog everyday. How to give a pill to a dog

The task is even made harder if the dog is an escape artist that would easily elude the pill being administered by the owner. Giving the dog a pill often becomes a battle of wits as the wise master would disguise the taste of the pill with the taste of food but because of the dog’s ultra sensitive senses, the pill will be discovered. Dogs do not know that if they take the pill, they would get well thus a pet owner has to find ways to make the task a little easier.

Some dogs would take the pill offered by the master without a fuss. A pet owner has to be aware that the dog can spew put the pill. To make sure that the pill was swallowed, an owner has to stay with the dog for a while.

Another pilling technique is to disguise the taste of pill with the taste of food. Mix the crushed pill with a little amount of the dog’s favorite food. However, this technique can only be done if the pet is not under dietary restriction. Dogs usually gobble their favorite foods thus; ham, liverwurst or chicken breast can be used to hide the pill.

Sick dogs are harder to pill as they usually refuse to eat. If this is the case, mixing the pill to the food or hiding the pill in the dog’s favorite treat will be ineffective. The medication can be administered by placing the pill straight to the mouth of the dog. Placing the pill on the dog’s mouth would be much easier if the dog is used to being touched or the teeth being brushed. Carefully open the mouth and insert the pill deep in the mouth. Make sure that the teeth are covered by the flews to prevent the dog from biting your hand. Close the dog’s mouth and gently blow on the nose to encourage the pet to swallow.

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