It has been said that everything that we own tells about ourselves. Our clothes speak the kind of jobs that we have. The home that we live suggests whether we are rich or poor or married or single. Our accessories may tell what hobbies or leisure actions we are in to.

Our pets are as well an indication of our personality. The way our dogs behave is a reflection of our character. Bad behaved dogs can show that we are also bad behaved. If we can not train our dogs to behave properly can mean that we don’t have the patience to apply the best dog training method highlighted from dog obedience books. We don’t care about our dogs the way we do not care about the way we behave in front of other people.

Which are the best dog training methods that an individual may use to extract a good behavior from our dogs?

One of the best dog training methods highlighted in few dog obedience books is to work out your dog. Exercising your dogs may exorcise several aggressive behaviors such as biting, stool eating, and chewing. Now, exercising your dog may be also tricky. No dogs are the same, just as individuals.

The most dog obedience books suggested that generally dogs should get 1-2 hours of dog exercise to keep them healthy. Some of the exercises mentioned in several best dog training methods writings are; walk in the park, play ball, and fetch something exercises. Some best dog training methods that deal with dog exercises also suggested involving dog sports to maintain agility.

Other dog obedience training that you may implement is to be sensible with the leadership instinct of a dog. Few dog obedience books pointed out that the most dogs tend to test your patience with their leadership instinct.

It means that your dog considers you as its leader. Anyway, once the dog is involved again with some other dogs there is a natural inclination for him to forget the owner and the inner instinct becomes visible again. Thus, it is crucial not to let your dog wander very often with some other dogs, to maintain your relationship with each other.

One of the key elements of best dog training method is the necessity for consistency. Dogs have a small attention span. They easily forget that is why you have to repeat things over and over again, until your dog becomes accustomed to what you want the dog to do.

Dog obedience books emphasized that consistency also refers to your behavior with persuasion to the dog. Do not mix up positive reinforcement with tolerating bad behaviors from the dogs or using penalization even when the dog exhibits good behavior.

To effectively benefit from any best dog training method is to find the best payoff for the dog. Dogs can be picky. There are dogs that like one thing over the other. Thus, many dog obedience books do not only include best dog training methods; they also include chapters or a percent in the appendices that lists effective rewards for the dogs and where to source them.

Boredom is one of the reasons for dogs behaving badly. Dog obedience books recommended that the best dog training method to keep dogs from being bored is to keep them busy. This may be done by crating them or fencing with their favorite toys inside the perimeters.

However, it must be noted that this method is only temporary in nature. It doesn’t prevent the dog getting too tired with crating and fencing. In time he will manifest other one of his bad behavior to suggest that he is bored.

There is no single best training method that you may cite from different dog obedience books. More often, the best training method is a combination of different dog training methods mentioned in dog obedience books. Persons has to be flexible in implementing dog training methods that are enumerated in dog obedience books to have the best dog training method.

If you have the time you can look for multiple dog obedience books on the internet. Some are free and some require payments. Try to learn as many dog training methods as possible to find the best dog training method that is suitable for your dog.

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