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Clicker dog training is definitely the simplest, easiest and scientific approach of training house animals and has become well-known in recent years. It can be usually used for training puppies in police, military division and also other canine patrol organizations. This system allows for owners to communicate with their dog in hassle-free guidance using clickers. The clicker is a little plastic box; composed of a metal strip that generates a clicking sound when pushed. For the duration of training, clicker sound is utilized as a marker whenever the dog is successful in finishing the desired behavior or command. A treat is granted as a reward after the click helps dogs to understand and do as instructed. Once the dog hears the positive sound effects of the clicking, the clicker itself acts as a habituated informer. What’s more,the clicker functions as a reinforcement to verbal instructions especially one word commands for instance “sit’ or “stay” whereby the dog reacts promptly to the click sound. Also the clicker is noticeably quicker as well as distinct to saying “good dog”.
For you to apply the clicker dog training approach, the trainer must follow specific steps. I’ve outlined out a few of the simple actions:
    * Select 1 calm area to start the training,
    * Before working with the dog, trainer needs to practice the timing of the clicks. This is very important to use the clicker at the correct time which helps the dog to comprehend the command better, delay in clicking will confuse your pet regarding the what to do.
    * Make certain you have adequate milkbones which your dog wants. Preferably, this ought to be done when your dog is hungry.
    * Provide your dog the treat quickly following the clicker. The identical procedure needs to be replicated 5-10 times.
    * Never overdo the clicks and remain consistent with quantity of clicks. It is actually as vital as timing.
    * The session is beneficial when it is short and to the point. Ideal time-span of training session is going to be about five minutes.
    * To discover whether or not both you and your dog will be ready go on towards the next stage you are able to merely press the clicker and watch him to see whether or not your dog comes over wanting a treat from you
    * Each time your dog follows commands remember to appreciate him by presenting a treat. This is certainly most crucial factor in training as this is what drives him or her to listen to directions.
    * Don’t scold or even yell when using the clicker. Dogs may feel the tone and utilization of clickers will confuse them.
Because dogs are generally simple-hearted animals that like to enjoy fun, it’s much better to include all of the members of the family, this includes kids in training session. It can help to really encourage your dog’s friendlier characteristics and affection towards human beings. There are numerous misconceptions concerning clicker training for dogs. Some of them are:
    * Dogs could become fat as they get more treat,
    * Dogs won’t do anything without the clicker sound,
    * Clickers may not be successful in noisy area, etc.
however, clicker dog training is scientifically one of the better approaches to train dogs. It assists the dog owner to understand behavior challenges such as dog biting or aggressiveness as well as reduces the training time by 1/3.


Hope This aids your Clicker dog training needs, thanks for reading


By Ruchi Vasishta

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