How to calm a dog

Dogs are the best friends and protectors of humans. The quality of humans life was greatly influenced by these animals. Dogs have offered humans comfort and affection. The mere presence of these animals have given pet owners a kind of reassurance that everything will be all right. Dogs are noted to be tough little and not so little guys that are always ready to comfort and defend the master but there are cases when these animals are the ones needing the comfort of their master. Like humans, dogs too get stressed and it is up to the master to calm the dog.

A dog can be easily stressed by a situation in the environment. Once a nervous dog is exposed to a certain situation, it would be tightly wound up and would bark frantically, salivate excessively and basically be a hard to control pet. Other dogs would react to a stressful environment in a different way. The dog can be highly active and hard to control. Loud noises such as the sound of thunder and firecrackers, unfamiliar faces and places as well as new situations would trigger the nervous behavior of dogs.

Constant exposure to the objects and situations that triggers nervousness would develop fear phobia in the dog. A dog that is always exposed to a stressful situation can be lethargic and can even lose weight. Dog owners would not want to see a highly stressed pet. Pet parents of highly stressed dogs have to find ways to calm the pet.

A pet owner can help the pet by knowing what causes the stress so that the situation can be avoided. However, it would not always be possible shield the dog from stressful situations thus it would be the owner’s task to find means of calming the dog.

Dogs appreciate being petted. Pet owners use massage to calm the pet. Take away the nervous tension of the pet by running the hand in circular motion from the head to the rear end. Dogs are food motivated and frozen Kong toys are proven effective in distracting the dog’s attention from stress causing situations. Our four legged friends are very energetic animals. Tired dogs are calm dogs thus an owner simply need to provide the dog with sufficient opportunities to exercise. Are you aware that a dog can be calmed simply by yawning? Among people, yawning is catching so that yawning in front of the pet can entice the do to yawn as well, to be calm and feel sleepy.

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