Can your dog or cat ill?

For pet lovers, our animals  are our most loved and finest friends.  Oh how we adore them, playing with them and talking to them, however, no matter how close you’re with your pet it can be hard to tell when something  is incorrect.  You can find  some signs which will  tell you if your pet isn’t  feeling nicely, and we have to pay attention to them.

1 day I observed that my kitty, Luna, didn’t eat her food.  I just assumed that perhaps she hadn’t been hungry that day and didn’t put any much more thought into it.  The following day I noticed that Luna had hardly touched her food at all.  For the 3rd day she still had not eaten a lot and she hardly had the energy to lift her head to seem at me.  I picked her up, put her in her carrier and headed for the Vet’s office.  It turns out that she had an abscessed tooth that was maintaining her from eating.  I had a sinking feeling that had I done some thing about the very first day that we wouldn’t be at the Vet for an emergency visit.  It was then that I decided that I would never let some thing like that happen to her again.

When I got her residence and restored to excellent health I sat down and did plenty of research about how to give her and other animals an exam in my home and how to keep them comfortable. You will most definitly want to look into a dog pet bed.

Naturally this will work much better if your pet is relaxed, for me the best times have been after she has had a good hard play session or is just waking up from a nap.  What I do is hold my kitty in my lap and check her out from her nose all the way to her tail by following these 12 simple steps.

Gently take a appear inside your pets nose, verify for any moisture and debris that could possibly be inside the nose.  Maintain in thoughts that how very much moisture is inside the nose is going to be diverse depending on what sort of pet your seeking at and if they’ve just finished sleeping, playing or eating.  This will also tell you if your pet is correctly hydrated or not and if they may be running a fever.  Retain in thoughts that an ongoing runny nose could be allergies or other such well being issues.  Should you see a foreign object within your domestic pets nose or if the moisture level seems to become strange, call your Vet.

  • Take a look at your pets eyes.  Some pets will often have a bit of discharge near their eyes and some pets wont.  If this suddenly changes then your pet might have a problem.
  • Look into your pets ears and check for any odors, that they are clean and look for debris.  Black colored debris is a sign of ear mites, and any odors are signs of  infection.  Should you see or smell something that is not right in your pets ears you should talk to your Vet.
  •  Look at your pets paws, the pads on the bottom and their claws.  Between the pads and toes of your pet you shouldn’t find any debris.  While you have their paws in your hands you can check to see if their claws need a trim.
  • Gently feel around on the belly of your pet to check for pain or any odd lumps.  Should you find a strange lump, make a little note of where it is at.
  • Look into getting one of the many cute Dog beds or cat beds available to put a smile on your sick dog or cat

When ever you notice your pet acting a small differently than regular it might be a sign that there is some thing wrong and you ought to pay attention to this.  Keep your eye out for just about any modifications in your pets moods or behaviors, how a lot energy they’ve, how playful they’re, and obviously their eating and sleeping habits as well.  Should you notice something different take a closer appear and ask yourself some basic questions like; Does your family pet seem to seem for warm or cooler place?  Is it sleeping in diverse places?  Has your pets fur started to look different?  Any of these things could possibly be a clear sign that one thing is incorrect with your pet and that they perhaps ill.  Keeping these issues in thoughts and doing a quick exam on your dog once in a whilst will aid to retain your pet happy and healthy.

This is something that I do when a month on each of cats and dogs.  At first it was a bit trying but now that they’re all used to the exam it has become a treat and a bonding time for us.  Just remember to be patient with this and keep at it.  With some animals it will take much more than a single try to obtain in a full exam.  So bear in mind that with patients and love you will be able to do this for your pet! Try not to forget your dog as comfort for older sick dogs is paramount

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