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Chihuahua Training.

Some people changer’ id=’spin_27′ onclick=’ShowSpinOptions(27)’>think that Chihuahua Training is going to be hard. In existent fact it`s realy easy! If your dog has been brocaded and developed problems with demeanor, there is a way to correct them that is innate(p) by following some simple and easy steps.

 I would highly recomend reading a book (that i can`t put down) that goes way passed any of my expectations of dog trainers and gets to the core of how your dog feels and reacts to you. In the book How To Be The Alpha Dog By David Britton, it will apprise you that dogs of course have the urge to be part of a pack and this is how they will interract.

 Our Chihuahua is called buzz (our daughter lovesToy Story) and he`s very pleased now that he doesn`t have to occupy about being the alpha leader anymore. He isn`t the “Alpha dog” until however we change the way we behave in a way that allows him to move up the rank again. But again it`s so simple to move rank linear perspective again by practicing our newly learned Chihuahua training skills! To find out how they work, you can try a few simple things that the book recomends, like making it look like you`ve eaten some food first and then giving your dog his food to eat. Then, say after 5 minutes or so your chihuahua has not eaten his food, take it back. Doing so will teach your dog that you are incharge of his food supply which is an Alpha Dog role! And the next time you feed your loving chihuahua he will eat up whatever leftovers you`ve provided for him. When you have a little breed like a chihuahua it`s important not to overfeed them, but thats a completely different subject to worry about.

Another thing to try is to brush off (this can be very hard with Chihuahuas since they are so cute!) your dog for the first 5 minutes after you come home. The alpha dog never makes a fuss over the pack when returning home. Although it is ok to worry about and make a fuss over your dog when he come back in the house say when he has been out for the privy.

It`s amazing to see the difference in Buzz`s behaviour when we follow a few simple rules of how to live life in a chihuahua dog pack. Chihuahua Training becomes easy! If your`re like me (i`m not known to be a patient shopper…i want  it now!) you`ll want to go out and pick up the book at your local bookshop straight off or check out  your local library to see if they have a copy. I dont know the author and the only reason this was written is we both feel it can do so much good for so many people and their pets. peculiarly if you may be thinking your dog is out of control and may have to be put down. Please, please read this book before taking any such drastic action!

You download this book for free at

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