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“How do I stop my dog barking?” This is a dilemma which numerous dog owners face, however, for you to learn how to stop your dog barking, you will need to comprehend why he is doing it. A endless barking dog can be aggravating to any owner, especially so when it persists throughout the night. Barking is a usual behaviour of dogs; on the other hand endless barking for a long time is a hint that your dog has a problem or requires attention from you.
Always try to deal with the circumstances as soon as your dog develops a barking problem. If you ignore this in the starting stages, he may well make barking a regular habit and stopping will not be easy in the future.
First action in managing this issue is finding out when and for how long your dog barks, and the reason befind his barking. You might need to do some detective work to obtain this information. This is difficult especially if your dog barks while you are out. If it’s possible, try try get a near enough estimation from a neighbour.
A few reasons for dog barking are:-
– When he feel nervous, hungry and anxious,
– When they see strangers,
– Lack of exercise,
– Very poor socialization,
– Environmental reasons such as not familiar sounds,
– Monotony, irritability, loneliness, etc

Training is most beneficial in halting out of control dog barking. Shouting at dogs is not going to stop the barking trouble; he could assume that even you’re barking along with him. Once your dog grasps the basic commands for instance “sit” and “stay”, you’ll be able to begin teaching him to shut his mouth.
To fix the issue of poor socialization, you can take him to parks where he can come across many types of animals, people, etc. First few days allow your dog to view other dogs with their owner from a reasonable distance, gradually allow him to mingle with them. If your dog tries to request something by barking, do not give him immediately and wait until he stops it. Make him clear that he won’t get anything by barking.
Some dogs enjoy barking and they pass their spare time by doing it. Keep your dog busy with chewable or exciting toys to try and distract him.
If your dog usually begins barking when guests come to the house, it may be that he is just trying to get your attention, it is best to avoid giving him your attention completely so that he doesn’t think he has a new way to get your attention whenever he wants.
An electronic bark collar is a method of halting undesired dog barking. This helps in learning dogs to stop unnecessary barking quickly. When your dog barks the collar will give a mild static feeling. This feeling will slightly enhance if your dog continues barking. Do not forget to reward him when he stops excessive barking.
Ultrasonic bark collars are yet another type of bark collar uses sound as the tool for solving dog behaviour. The system attached to the collar identifies dog barking and without any hold up makes a sound which is irritating to dogs and they will stop barking.



Hope this aids you to stop dog barking, thanks for reading
by Ruchi Vasishta

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