So you’ve decided that you want to be a collector, but aren’t quite sure where to start? It is easy.  Take some time to ponder a couple of areas before you start.  What hobbies do I enjoy?  Maybe an organization that I am part of can help me.  What is my heritage and what history do I find interesting and valuable?

That is the way to start collecting if you can find something positive in the above questions. Be warned that this can be an addictive hobby, as once you start out in a field of collecting you find that it as wide open as can be with loads of opportunities so take the time to find something that stirs your passion; for me it was Collecting Frogs – a Fun Hobby for All Ages, but for each person it is going to be something different and unique.
Collectors usually refer to certain items as their tool of the trades. These items include: newspaper ads reflecting auctions or trade shows, road shows, and collecting clubs and websites like where people can get together to discuss their similar joys and bounties.
The first thing you want to decide is approximately how much time do I have to collect.  After you figure out your time, you need to figure out your budget.  Another consideration a person needs to make is what is the reason for collection and whether it is something that you hope will make you money in the long run. If you wish to collect for profit, where you will be buying and selling your artifacts, you may want to invest a bit more in inventory, advertisement space and travel and bidding allotments for your treasures and you might what to stay away from things such as collectible frogs which probably have more sentimental value than cash value.  If you are interested in collecting strictly for the pleasure, you can allot yourself a certain amount of money per month and vow never to go above that amount.
It is not difficult for a person to search the internet for collectibles that they want or they can do it the old fashioned way by checking things out in person.  Another fun part of building your collection is meeting others who share the same interests as you do and always seem to be at the same places as you are when you are hunting for the next collectible that you have to have.
This can certainly work to your advantage.  Once you find a way to get the collectibles that you enjoy and have a good experience, return to that place to find even more collectibles.  On the other hand, a rotten experience will also teach you where not to go when you need a collectible since you were not taken care of in the past or know someone who was not taken care of.
For many collectibles the amount you pay can vary widely, and there often times seems to be no rhyme or reason for it.  Because a lot of things that people collect do not have a precise amount that they are worth, the price that is charges will be dependent upon many different things.  Beanie Babies were running very hot in the beginning of the 1900’s but tended to slow down a bit as the millennium approached.  While you could get something for a certain amount of money and watch it become worthless, something else you have could easily provide for your retirement.
There is no replacement for good research.  Take the time to understand what you should pay for your collectibles and how much others will pay for what you have.  Remember to have fun with your collection.

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