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Leaping on people is a normal behavior of little puppies. They can do this by standing on their rear legs and placing their paws on the person. When dogs jump upon small children, they can knock them over or leave scratches. Leaping up on visitors is not comfortable, aggravating and simply a common infuriation for the dog owners.
You may like your puppy pouncing up on you, however , it turns into a massive dilemma when she is older, especially the moment it is over twenty lbs weight. To prevent this unwanted jumping behavior of your dog, for starters you have to find out the cause behind it.
Couple of factors behind dog jumping and also recommended resolutions:
1) Greeting: Smelling scent glands close to the face is just one of the ways dogs meet one another. To recognize the scent, dogs basically leap up on people. However, this is a unwanted manner.
Answer: Organise a squirt bottle filled with drinking water in close proximity to the entrance of your home, inform your guest to hold that bottle when they come inside the house and squirt whenever the dog jumps up on them. Many dogs do not like this and stop jumping.
A number of dogs love water spray and they may not stop their lunging behavior. In these cases, you ought to attach a shock color to your dog, if you sense that your dog is about to leap on your guest just press the button and shock your dog. This is a rapid approach to conquer the dog jumping problem.
2) Dominance: Pouncing on people can at times means your dog wants to dominate and desires everybody around to recognize her. When striving to be dominant, your dog may become controlling of people, toys, furniture, etc.
Solution: This dominant nature in dogs is risky because they may become aggressive when you try to rectify their behavior. To stop this, your dog should realize that you are the owner and make your dog obedient to you and your commands. You should follow some strategies to start exercising your dominance for example never allow your dog to walk before you. Practice at first you walk and let her to follow you. And also train her simple instructions by using positive reinforcement such as “off” or “no jump” command.
3) The behavior is rewarded with attention: When you get home after work, dog shows affection by jumping on to you. She may do the same when your guests come to your house.
Answer: Straightforward method to stop this is not to give treat for unwanted activities and do not encourage when your dog jumps up on somebody. And also you have to neglect her when she jumps up on you. Wait till she reaches reserved state of mind, you can show your affection towards her. Nonetheless once you finished, go back to ignoring her. This shows your dog that, only when you show love to her then she is allowed to pay attention to you. And also you have to inform your family members, friends and neighbors that never give attention to dog when it jumps up on them. Once your dog recognizes their position, you and your visitors can then give attention him attention.
4) Extreme exhilaration: In most cases, if the dog is meeting you after a very long time she may jump with enthusiasm. Some puppies have got the habit of jumping when new faces come to place.
To avoid this you may use water spray, shock, positive reinforcement commands, and so forth.
Coaching is essential for you to stop your dog jumping. Always remember that your whole family should be involved while training her. With a little effort from everybody, you can stop dog jumping and your pet will be a well-loved member of the family.


Hope this aids your stop dog jumping needs, thanks for reading
by Ruchi Vasishta

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