How to Become a Dog Trainer

The most crucial factor is patience, then persistence and  the obvious
one is a love for dogs.
A lot of people will say a dog training school is essential.
That’s probably the quickest way to make it happen (if you pick the
right one )  Then that is going to cost you a lot of money…..
In my own experience there is absolutely nothing you can’t learn from
a book.   I have built boats over the years with basic woodworking
skills and a burning desire to build a boat.  I have found no matter
what skilled enterprise you take on there is always a trade secret.
The boat building thing was working out the plans,With the boat building I was stuck at the 1st hurdle : the plans, I just didn’t know
where to start.  So after a couple of months of scratching my head I
decided to buy a book.   The penny dropped and 6 months later the boat
was built.
Wouldn’t it be great if all puppies and dogs arrived pre-programmed to instantly
 do whatever we ask and act like obedient little angels instead of… well… animals?
As crazy as that sounds, here’s something even crazier: expecting our furry
four-legged friends to ignore their instincts and change their natural behavior
simply because it’s what we want them to do.
Think about that for a moment. How realistic is it to expect a dog not to act,  well like an animal..

This is where the trade secrets come into it, like the boat thing if you don’t have the right info you will just become frustrated as will your dog..

For  anybody wishing to become a dog trainer. You should have a look at my“Love My Dog”  Training book.


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