Epilepsy in dogs isn’t a really common situation (2% of dogs), but does exist and happen to dogs all over on the on a daily basis basis. One of the most crucial points you are able to do to aid your dog would be to make certain they’re in a padded area with no solid objects, stairs, or other animals around that can do them damage as the seizures run their course.

Provide comfort

You won’t generally have a choice as to where the seizure takes place, so a minimum of keep an eye on their head to make certain it doesn’t bang on anything dangerous. Holding on to them although their seizure is taking place may be difficult, but it can be very comforting to them to hear your voice or feel your hand gently touching them, particularly when the seizure is light sufficient that you simply can cradle their head in your arm.

Beware of poor assistance

There’s plenty of poor assistance that circulates around about easing epilepsy in dogs: 1 of which is the belief that you simply need to pull their tongue out of their throat. Not merely is it impossible for a dog to swallow their tongue, but it is very dangerous for you to stick your hand in in between the super-strong jaws of a canine. If their breathing appears erratic or uneven, it is much more than most likely resulting from muscle spasms taking place in their chest or stomach, but ought to still be closely watched.

Acquire out your stopwatch

The greatest point you’ll be able to do to help decrease pet health care and signs of epilepsy of dogs inside your home, would be to make a point of timing your dog’s seizures and making certain they’re protected from obstructions. Timing the seizures will help your veterinarian make assessments of their situation because treatment for dogs who have Grand Mal epileptic seizures will probably be very much various from those who have much less frequent Petit Mal types. Timing every event will serve like a barometer to let you know if any medications your pet is getting are improving/worsening your dog’s pet health condition.

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