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How to Stop Chihuahua Biting

If your chihuahua is properly socialised from a very early age, it will be much easier for him to learn that it is not okay for him to bite. Your chihuahua should have been with his mother from when he was born to at to the lowest degree 8 weeks. Don`t hit or shout at your puppy. Try your best not to tell him off. Try obedience classes that focus on bite averting. Don`t be afraid to let him socialize with people or other dogs. Let him know that biting hurts. When he bites you make a high pitched yelp and walk away. He doesn`t meen to hurt you. Also when he bites you, you can try giving him a toy to show him what he can bite instead.

Chihuahua Biting in Older Dogs

If your Chihuahua carrys on biting at an grown age make him understand the situation. Let him know that you are the master of the household. Take the dominant role. Be consistant in you rules. Never back down or give in to him. Don`t play games such as tug of war or game that call for biting, this will jst confuse him. Be in charge of when you feed him and walk him.

If you try obedience classes,  your dog will be forced to work out any aggression issues with the other dogs there.

Is your problem becoming dangerous? Is there need for a specialist to come and give you a hand training your dog. Your dogs biting problems could be kindred to health issues. Try taking him to see a vet.

Even though chihuahuas are minute and cute, he still needs to know that biting will never be acceptable. It may well start out small but this can substantially develope into a huge problem. For most Chihuahua owners biting can be a real problem. Chihuahua biting will often begin when they are puppies and are small and cute. It can be difficult to stop this conduct from developing. If you don`t put a stop to it now he could grow to bite you.

What Causes Chihuahua Biting

Alot of people believe chihuahuas bite more than other breeds. However granted? the right training your chihuahua wont bite at all.

It is considered that chihuahua`s are more intelligent than most other breeds. When it comes to obeying commands, chihuahuas can be quite obstinate if they haven`t had propper training.

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