“Why is it that your dog sits on command?”  Mine doesn’t..

“How do you get him to follow your commands?”- Heard this before?If so you should be looking at the basics of dog training.  Start training your dog from an early age. Carrying this out will ensure that you have the greatest influence on your dog’s behaviour in the future.

You would have heard the most simple of commands- sit and come.  Ensuring your dog knows these commands is important.  These commands are used for various reasons, if your dog jumps a lot or if you are in a competition,  telling him to sit will immediately get him to stop.  “Come” is the all important one.  If you take your dog for a walk you let him off the leash and he starts running around the park you would expect that he would “come” on your call.  Many times I have witnessed the owner running after their dog shouting and stressing simply because the dog doesn’t understand this simple command.

Teaching your dog to come is largely a simple thing to achieve, Just requiring much practice.  One simple technique for both the owner and the dog is to simply walk away from the dog with a toy in your hand.  Then when you are an appropriate distance away call your dog back to you and reward him with a treat.  If you were to repeat this several times a day with long breaks in between,  so as the dog doesn’t get bored, you would see fantastic results.  Don’t forget the treats…

Next step is the sit command.. This is slightly harder.  Firstly call your dog over to you with the “come” command which he now understands.  Then place your hand on his back at the same time saying “sit”.   Then gently push down on his back until he is sat, then reward him. 

Basic dog training is exactly that – simple and effective.  It also has to be fun So don’t drag it out for hours on end, 10 to15 minutes a day with a couple of breaks in between will do the trick and don’t forget the treats..


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