How To Become a Dog Trainer.

Many people make a living out of training dogs   You can take your dog to them for a period of time regularly and they will teach it commands, behaviors and tricks that will make you clasp your hands in joy, most people would not like to do this. As much fun as it may be to inherit a dog who will behave like you’d always dreamed a dog could behave, it takes away something that should be there between humans and dogs – the connection that makes humans and dogs such great partners in crime (metaphorically).

If you have no experience, it’s going to take a long time to train your dog, and this is why many people are prepared to part with hard-earned cash  to allow a professional to train their pet. For some of us, this kind of expense is prohibitive and for others it may be more than affordable but a needless waste.  We want to train our dogs, ourselves, because they are ours. Where is the fun in leaving it to someone else?

Another point to consider in training your dog, you build a bond with it. Most canines will react strongly to their master’s voice, while not paying heed to the same commands from others. Although a professional dog trainer will take every care to ensure that your dog learns the command and not the voice, there is undeniably something important about being the one from whom your dog learns to sit, stay and roll over. It is the all-important connection.

I have discovered from my own experiences, that there is absolutely nothing you can’t learn from a  book.  That goes for training your dog,  have a quick look at my  “Love My Dog”  training book, it comes with Master Resale Rights and a Big Book of Dog Names.

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