The Border collie is a breed of herding dogs considered to be the most perceptive dog breed.  They have come from the border of Britain and Scotland, and that explains their name.  They’re highly energetic and often have a tendency to get highly-strung or harmful if not given enough to do.  

You will need to give your “Border collie” a solid education in obedience and leadership before you bring him home.  Necessary Border collie training is teaching him the guidelines of his new human world.  Being active and curious they are going to go prying all over the place.  They’re also known for escaping due to boredom.  This very athletic and flexible dog can jump a high fence.  

Your dog must be house-trained as soon as possible and you can start training your Border collie with crate training as most breeders and trainers would counsel.  A crate is your most excellent tool for house-training your puppy, and his favorite place to feel safe.  Accustom the little puppy to the crate on his first day in your home.  Dogs don’t often dirty their crates, so it’ll help you toilet train your dog from day one.  

Socializing your dog is important if you need him to adjust in your home and be a good companion.  Hold him and pet him but give him enough time to rest and sleep also.  

Limit-setting is essential in Border collie training as well as making sure your puppy sticks to them.  You will have to be watchful not to let bad habits like chewing the table legs develop.  The rule of the thumb is to fix your dog mid-action.  

Catch him doing wrong and correct the behavior immediately.  

Always call him by name when you give the commands.  Every time your little puppy awakes from a nap, take him outside right now.  You need to be very vigilant; always keep an eye fixed on him and the instant he gives the signal, take him out.  Do not forget to pat him and praise him for his good behavior.  However, if he dirties the place by accident, just show your disapproval and forget the incident.  Rather than reprimand him; wait for him to do it properly and then shower praise on him.  Positive re-strengthening always works better.  He will be able to learn it’s better to go outside and do his job than to do it on the kitchen floor and get hectored.  Catch him in mid-piddle and he will get your message.

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