Dog Training Strategies.

When you request of your dog to sit down, do they just have that stubborn look about them?During walks does your dog try to resist your instruction? If you feel that you would have to answer yes to one or more of the above questions, seriously contemplate training your dog. Dog training is harmless to the dog and will make your life and your relationship with your dog a whole lot better.

There is one canine training technique which I have tried and tested and it is great. I call it the “nothing in life is free technique”. In essence, it works by using the notion that your dog has to do something to get something in return. For example if he wants food he has to remain seated until you make his dinner, or if you want to take him for a walk then he has to lie down until you put his leash and collar on. These training techniques all are based on the fact that your dog will realize to get what he wants he has to do what you are telling him to do. What do you do if he doesn’t obey? Just walk away from him. Don’t shout at him or keep trying if he doesn’t listen just ignore him and walk away then about 5 minutes later go back and try again. He soon comes to realize that you are in charge and he has to do what you say to get what wants.

When a dog is born it will obey its mother, or whoever it feels is in charge of their pack. When he first joins a family he starts to act dominant. He tries to be leader of the house. You can’t let him gain this position you’ll want to show him through dog training techniques that humans are the head of your house not the dog. He knows he doesn’t have to be aggressive to try to gain control. They’ll sometimes try and play on sympathy to get what they require. Whatever you do, don’t give in.

Your kids can be very helpful when training your dog. This is because dogs tend to view them as playmates above anything else. Which means that your children can actually teach your dog basic dog training techniques with fewer battles of wills. Always supervise young children though when they are around animals.

Dog training will change your dog and your relationship with your dog for the better, so make sure you start now, but most importantly, ensure that it is fun for the you and him!


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