Doggy Daycare Considerations

You can find tons of stuff written about the best ways to select a dog or cat boarding kennel to board your pet while you are out of town for business or pleasure. This includes finding the best doggie daycare facility if you take your pets with you while traveling or just need them out of the house for a while during the day. These steps and tips that you have previously read all have value and some good guidance.  Unfortunately, most are missing or gloss over the key issue in the selection process, the owner.

The most important component of any Mt Pleasant boarding kennel is the kennel owner. All the live TV, fancy music, spit and polish, and other frills are without merit without the correct mentality of the staff from the owner on down. It truly is the same with any line of work, but crucial when you are talking about the care of lovely living creatures.

The owner creates the mentality in several important areas.

Mission Statement (or unwritten philosophy):  This is the short,complete statement of the owner as to what his facility is to accomplish. It is necessarily general in nature, but huge in import. If you can find a mission statement focused on health, comfort and security of the pets, you have a great start. If the kennel mission statement talks about income, numbers or profit, look elsewhere.

Employees:  The boarding kennel owner is the person who hires those that will be caring for the pets. His pick of those he will entrust the well being of the pets he cares for is crucial.  Those employees MUST be animal lovers. This is hard to determine unless the potential employee has pets. The interview must uncover those simply looking for a paycheck and let them work somewhere else.

Training:  This is where the work starts in earnest for the doggy daycare and boarding kennel owner. Keeping the employee for the long term is most helpful. Having to train new employees frequently means that the staff is, on average, less trained. Personal, hands-on training by the owner ensures that the new hiree knows the correct  way to do every task. Working along side the trainee also allows the owner to impart a good bit of his philosophy on the new hire. Additionally, inconsistencies not seen before hiring will probably be seen under the working conditions.

Quality Control: Once the employees are working in the kennel and trained, human nature most likely will show itself. Humans find it easy to drift towards short cuts. Efficient owners are on top of this before it even happens by instituting on the job observation and regular quality checks. An off-site owner is an ineffective owner. You should frequently see the kennel owner when you check in or check out your dog or cat.

For your final check, ask your pet how he/she feels about the kennel.  Does your dog start shaking when coming up to the front door, or do you see his tail wag and start getting pulled towards the cat and dog boarding kennel office?  When you pick up your pets, do they have to say goodby to everybody at the kennel before they head towards you? Watch the interactions.

I am not saying that the glitz and glamour of all the frills you can find is bad. I am simply saying that without a caring owner in place that puts those in his care first, you should start doing some comparisons.

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