Bully sticks, sometimes known as pizzle sticks, are easily evolving into America’s preferred dog treat.
Depending on exactly how strong a chewer a puppy can be, it can provide them with minutes to several hours of chewing entertainment and pleasure.
Bully sticks are made out of bull’s pizzles, and it’s a fibrous muscle that’s cleaned, stretched, and then smoked dry.
Dogs crave for the aroma and flavor of bully sticks. They offer them with a high protein, low fat, low cholesterol treat along with minerals and vitamins that include calcium and magnesium.
Bully sticks can be found in various scent, breadth, and lengths. The most popular size bully sticks tend to be 4-6 in. long. Nevertheless, 12 in. is really famous and also lasts as a lengthier chew.
There are even some measuring three feet each. Thickness varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, although I think thick or jumbo may be probably the most fulfilling for the chewers in your home.
Bully sticks are available with several odor flavors. While dogs totally adore and crave the scent of original smoked bully sticks, some pet owners might not enjoy the actual odor inside as opposed to outside the house, and may select the low odor or odor free bully sticks.
The odor is minimized by naturally increasing the drying process.

You may also choose bully sticks twisted in a unique braided style to double their pleasure, or in a curled form such as Flossies.
On the whole, I strongly recommend looking for bully sticks that originate from grass fed, hormone free cattle that has also been manufactured thru USDA authorized facilities.
I would not allow anything less to keep each of our dogs fit and strong. The only brands, I know, that fit the bill are ValueBull and Merrick.
I know ValueBull to be healthy and affordable when purchasing natural bully sticks. It seems most people are buying theirs at ValuePetSupplies.com.

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