Way to go – you’re a new puppy owner!  Now that you have your little yapper in your arms, it’s time to choose a great name that suits your puppy or dog . At first, this can seem like a rather difficult task – there are infinite dog names to choose from, and no doubt you want  to choose from some good dog names that will go well with your pet’s personality, appearance, talents and charm.

How you go about this job depends on your own personality, interests, sense of humor and personal tastes , as much as it rests on the shoulders of puppy and his unique characteristics.

When trying to come up with cool puppy names for your new pooch, there are many “jumping off points” from which you can start your pet names brainstorming journey, as follows:

  • Your puppy’s color – Some highly unique pet names have come from coming up with things like people, places, objects, food, etc. that are associated with your pup’s coat color. For instance, a white puppy might be called Snowglobe, Spook, Mist, Blanca, etc. A black dog might be called Licorice, Tar, dreary, Universe, etc.
  • Your pooch ‘s breed and it’s area of origin – Various puppy breeds got their start in many countries around the world, and each has it’s own rich history. You can find out more about different dog breeds and where they came from, then think about people, places and things that are associated with them. For example, if your puppy is a Doberman Pinscher, a fun, German-inspired name might be fun. Brunhilda, Bratwurst, Oktoberfest, Fuhrer, Schnapper Von Dog, are some fun and frivolous puppy names, while if you want to be more serious about it, you can choose names like Baron, Baroness, Heidi, Sacha, and more.
  • Size can be BIG, when it comes to ideas for unique puppy names. If you have a tiny teacup puppy, a cute name depicting their modest stature might be suitable. Microdot, Pixel, Nano, Mouse and other such small dog names would fit the bill. For a giant dog breed such as a Mastiff, you might consider Godzilla, Empire, Condo (short for “condominium complex”), Goliath or Scraper (short for Skyscraper).
  • Does your puppy have some unique habit that could be fodder for a name idea? Can he leap high in the air ? Then why not Bounder, Frogger, Trampoline? Does she love pasta? Then spaghetti, Fusilli, Rigatoni, Pesto, Lasagna might work.
  • What are your special talents? If you have special interest or spare-time activity, then you might consider giving your puppy a name related to your passion. For instance, a pianist might consider “Crescendo, Mozart or Treble. A motion picture buff might want to name their puppy after their favorite movie or actor, such as Bacall, Bogart, Carey, etc.

With so very many possibilities , you should be able to decide on the most unusual pet name for your puppy without a great deal of effort. Take your time, get to know your puppy, and soon you’ll have a huge list of ideas for pet names from which to choose.

And don’t worry if you name your puppy one thing, and then give them an entirely different name later. Puppies are very forgiving, as long as you keep the belly rubs, treats and play sessions coming !


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